Asteroid Occultation

BASIL September 2023

The Society received the very sad news in the last few weeks that two of our Vice-Presidents have passed away, Professor Mark Birkinshaw and our longest serving member Maurice Brain. The front cover of September’s BASIL contains a message from the BAS Chair, Fiona Lambert, and tributes to Mark and Maurice are given on pages […]

BASIL April 2023

The front cover of BASIL shows NASA images of the Sombrero Galaxy (M104) taken at x-ray, optical and infra-red wavelengths, and a combined image. M104 is well-placed for observing during the month. Predicted solar activity, solar images from the GOES SUVI telescope, solar cycle progression, lunar phases and events, solar system finder charts and rise […]

BASIL March 2023

The front cover of BASIL shows a group photo of BAS members attending the 2023 Annual General Meeting, held on 24 February. We enjoyed a very interesting talk from Dr Vivien Raymond during the evening, who is a Reader in gravitational-wave astrophysics at Cardiff University – also pictured on the front cover. Predicted solar activity, […]

BASIL August 2022

The front cover of BASIL shows the Star Chair 3000, a motorised, joystick controlled binocular observing chair. The Star Chair 3000 was kindly donated to the BAS by Andy Stephens (a former Chair of the BAS) and the cover photo (top) shows Andy and Dave Bennett with the equipment. Predicted solar activity, solar cycle progression, […]

BASIL February 2022

Face-to-face meetings at Unit 13 resume in March! – see page 28 for further details. Many of our members have been busy with astrophotography over the last month – see the front cover and page 27 for outstanding images taken by Jane Clark, Chris Lee, David Bennett, Andres Atkinson, Andrew Grasemann and Ryan Parle. Solar […]

BASIL Oct 2021

Observing sessions and star parties will be restarting from October – see the monthly calendar for more details. October is a good month to observe Jupiter, the planetary surface features and moons. There are two asteroid occultations in October – Asteroid (165) Loreley and Asteroid (2) Pallas (information provided by Nigel Wakefield). Visible passes of […]

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