NGC 6543

BASIL July 2024

The front cover of BASIL shows the BAS team at the Festival of Nature held on 1-2 June 2024, along with ‘live’ solar images shared with visitors during the festival. The last page of BASIL shows more photos of the event and a link to the Festival of Nature report written by BAS Committee member […]

BASIL July 2023

The front cover of July’s BASIL shows an image of the Trifid Nebula (M20) taken recently by BAS member Chris Lee. More members’ astro images are shown, as follows: Solar Disk and Sunspots by Chris Lee (p4). Montes Apenninus  by Andrew Grasemann (p18). The Cigar Galaxy, M82, by Jane Clark (p30). Globular Cluster M10 by […]

BASIL July 2022

The front cover of BASIL shows Prof David Southwood giving the BAS Annual Presidential Address last month.  The talk had the theme of exploring the icy moons of Jupiter and David gave the audience a fascinating insight into the development, planning and opportunities of the ESA JUICE Mission. Predicted solar activity, solar cycle progression, planetary […]

BASIL Aug 2021

Solar cycle progression data shows a spike in sunspot numbers over the last two months – predicted numbers are given for the next 12 months, as solar activity is forecast to slowly increase. August is a good month to observe Jupiter and the Great Red Spot – see the monthly planetary observing notes. Andrew Grasemann […]

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