BASIL August 2020 – Supplement

BASIL August 2020 - Supplement

It’s been a busy time for BAS astronomers over the last month and many members have shared their superb images of Comet Neowise, noctilucent clouds, planets and deep sky objects - you can see the images in August’s BASIL and the supplement.

Few topics for August:

  • Return of astronomical darkness during August.
  • Perseid meteor shower reached its peak on 12th August.
  • Asteroid Amazone occultation on 14th August.
  • Observing targets: 18 well-placed targets are listed and 4 Messier objects are selected for detailed observing info.
  • Society News:  new and much improved BAS website is now live; and the Observatory dome has a facelift.

While all of the shared images are fantastic,  a few of the images really stood out for me while I was preparing BASIL:

  • ‘The Face and the Comet’, by John Huntley (front cover of BASIL supplement).
  • Comet Neowise over Southwell Minster, by Simon Smith (centre pages of BASIL supplement).
  • Chris Lee’s digital sketch of Comet Neowise (p22 of BASIL supplement).
  • Jane Clark’s images of Mars and surface features (p13 of BASIL).
  • Lunar ISS transit, by John Huntley (p15 of BASIL).
  • The blue Mare Tranquillitatis by Andrew Grasemann (p15 of BASIL).
  • Dave Bennett demonstrating the harmony of observatory construction and sunflowers (p18 pf BASIL).
  • Andromeda Galaxy by Darren Gamlin (p19 of BASIL).

Have a great month.



BASIL August 2020 – Supplement

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