BASIL December 2021

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BASIL December 2021

The front cover of BASIL illustrates the dark skies encountered in the mid-Atlantic (see page 28).

Solar activity continues to be slightly higher than predicted values for this stage of the solar cycle - see pages 4 to 5.

December provides good opportunities for observing Jupiter, Uranus and the Ursid meteor shower (see page 13).

Constellation of the month is Taurus, with the constellation's star chart shown on page 17.

23 observing targets for December are listed, with further observing details for the following targets:

  • Pleiades open cluster (M45)
  • Hyades open cluster (Caldwell 41)
  • NGC 7662 (the Blue Snowball Nebula)
  • Double star gamma-Andromedae (Almach)

Members' astro images include M31 (Ryan Parle), M1 (Roger Steer), M74 (Jane Clark), M27 (David Bennett), the 'Running Man' nebula in Orion and Caldwell 23 (Chris Lee).

Society News includes an update from the recent BAS Committee meeting and interesting feedback to the BAS from a team who observed dark skies while traversing the mid-Atlantic (see page 28).

BASIL December 2021

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