BASIL June 2022

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BASIL June 2022

The front cover of BASIL shows an image of the bright star Arcturus (Alpha Boötis), which is well placed for observing in June.

Solar cycle progression shows a marked upward trend in sunspot numbers over the year - predicted numbers are given for the next 12 months, as solar activity is forecast to increase.

Planetary observing notes, finder charts and rise / set times are given for June.

Constellation of the month is Ophiuchus, which is well placed for observing its stars and deep sky objects, including some outstanding globular clusters.

Visible transits of the ISS during June and July are listed.

June is the month to observe globular clusters!  18 observing targets for the month are listed, with more details given for the globular clusters M10, M12 and M14 (in Ophiuchus), globular clusters M13 and M92 (in Hercules), and globular cluster M5 (in Serpens Caput).

Information is also provided for observing Rasalgethi (a variable double star in Hercules) and Xi Boötis (a double star in Boötes).

Society News provides details of the 2022 programme of talks and events from June to September and a summary report on the BAS Committee meeting held on 25 May 2022.

BASIL June 2022

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