Colloquium: Extreme Stellar Environments

Date: 13 Nov 21
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Colloquium: Extreme Stellar Environments

Speaker: Dr Philip Wiseman, Dr Vivien Raymond, Dr Diego Altamarino, Professor Nils Andersson Institution: Cardiff and Southampton Universities. Hosted by Bristol Bath and Cardiff Astronomical Societies.

Bristol Bath and Cardiff Astronomical Societies are getting together to host a free online event on Extreme Stellar Environments. Speakers are from Cardiff and Southampton Universities.

In the meeting we will be investigating Supernovae and the aftermaths of these explosions including neutron stars and stellar size black holes. We will investigate the physics of these phenomena and discuss how they are observed including the importance of gravitational waves. Other phenomena associated with Supernovae such as gamma ray bursts will also be discussed.  The topics and speakers will be:

  • Supernovae. Dr Phillip Wiseman, Southampton University
  • Stellar Size Black holes. Dr Vivien Raymond, Cardiff University
  • How we study neutron stars. Dr Diego Altamarino, Southampton University
  • The extreme physics of zombie stars.  Prof Andersson, Southampton University.

The event will be hosted by Dr Robert Massey.

To book a ticket for the event use this link:

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Colloquium: Extreme Stellar Environments

3 thoughts on “Colloquium: Extreme Stellar Environments

  1. We thought this was a wonderful afternoon of quite challenging lectures, we particularly enjoyed the analogy Dr Diago Altamarano used to describe echo techniques in sound and used it to define the structure of a complex landscape by light waves. As we both love music this was understandable.
    Fantastic speakers who were able to describe very complex physics enabling our tiny brains to grasp some of it.

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