BAS Affiliations

BAS Affiliations

BAS is affiliated with a number of societies relating to Astronomy.  There’s a whole wealth of knowledge out there.

BAS is proud to have been one of the founders of FAS. Formed in 1974, the Federation of Astronomical Societies was conceived as a sort of union of astronomical societies, groups, and individuals, liasing together, where practicable, for their mutual benefit. 

The FAS is becoming a useful resource centre for data appertaining to education in astronomy as well as for the guidance of astronomical societies with any functional problems. Thus it is quite different from other astronomical organisations in the country. Today there are approximately 190 astronomical societies in the FAS.

The British Astronomical Association (BAA) is the senior national association of amateur astronomers in the UK. It encourages observational astronomy by non-professionals in areas which cannot be covered by professional observatories.

• The encouragement of all aspects of observational astronomy and the association of observers at all levels for mutual help.
• The promotion of a general interest in astronomy for beginners as well as for the more advanced.
• The circulation of current astronomical information and observational material.
• The support of modern advanced techniques for observation, data handling and scientific presentation of results.
• The presentation of medals and prizes in recognition of outstanding contributions to astronomy.

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